TGA Consultants, Validation, Engineering, Architecture and GMP service

PharmOut is an Australian-headquartered consultancy with offices in most cities in Australia and around the world, as TGA consultants, we specialize in the design and operation of pharmaceutical, veterinary, device and cosmetic manufacturing facilities.

Our complete, turn-key architectural, engineering, compliance and validation services can assist your next facility design, you can be confident that you will get an optimal design that ensures, consideration of value engineering, “lean” manufacturing and finally TGA approval.

With offices across the Asia Pacific, headquartered in Melbourne, we frequently travel within the Asia Pacific region delivering compliance to PIC/S and TGA GMPs.

TGA GMP Compliance


Our GMP consultants can ensure your Quality System meets the requirements of PIC/S and TGA and of ICH Q10 / ISO 9001 for pharmaceutical manufacture. We have a wealth of QMS templates and documents that we can use to quickly create policies, procedures, work instructions and forms. Read more on Quality Management System (QMS)

If you are about to be audited by the Australian TGA or have already been, we can help with GMP GAP audits/assessments and GMP remediation plans.

Medical Devices / IVDs

We can help you with an ISO 13485 Quality Management System or support you through meeting US FDA CFR820 requirements. Read more on Quality Management System Products and Services.

Architectural and Engineering Consulting Services

Architectural Design

We design manufacturing facilities, clean rooms from the optimising the process and workflows first, then wrap the cleanroom or building around the process, we specialise in GMP-regulated manufacturing sites, but have a proven record in the delivery of laboratories, pharmacies, food and cosmetic plants.

GMP Engineering Consulting

If you are planning to build a GMP facility, our engineering consulting services will ensure regulatory compliance and efficient workflows within the facility.

Our GMP consultants and pharmaceutical engineers are experts in GMP facility and cleanroom design and classification. You can avoid costly mistakes by making sure the design of your new cleanroom or GMP facility adheres to the correct standards.


Process Validation

We can design a validation protocol or supply validation engineers to ensure compliance with Australian TGA or FDA pharmaceutical or medical device process validation regulations.

Equipment Validation

Our validation engineers can perform pharmaceutical equipment validation to international regulatory standards and in accordance with current GMPs.

Cleaning Validation

If you need cleaning validation for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing facilities, our validation engineers can perform a range of tasks, ranging from preparing the high-level validation plan through to actually doing the cleaning validation.

Computer Systems Validation

Computer systems validation to FDA Part 11 and PIC/S Annex 11 regulations is another common request from our customers. We apply the ISPE’s GAMP approach to our computer systems validation.

Temperature Mapping

PharmOut has the specialized equipment and expertise to undertake temperature mapping of warehouses, refrigerators and cold rooms. This is to ensure compliance with good warehousing practices for time and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and other products subject to cold chain management.

Training for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & Veterinary Industries

We offer classroom training or online GMP training around the world.

Manufacturing Continuous Improvement

Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma

If you are trying to reduce costs and waste and streamline your manufacturing processes, all while maintaining regulatory compliance then we can help. Our GMP consultants are experts in managing Continuous Improvement projects, which are often difficult to do in a regulated GMP environment.

GMP Project Resources

If you have a project that needs experienced GMP professionals or several contractors, PharmOut can supply:

Medicinal Cannabis Consultants

PharmOut is the leading Medicinal Cannabis Consultants within the Australia New Zealand region, we are the leading Medicinal Cannabis Consultants offering turn-key designs for both the head and grow houses. PharmOut has the ability to offer a full range of services from compliance licensing, cultivation, production, extraction to final dosage forms from a US office and experienced master growers. We like to think of it as hardware (facility design and engineering) and software (paper systems), after all GMP is often said to mean “Get More Paper”.